Living the Royal Neighbors Mission

Scholarship recipient Callie Minch

From an early age, I have been surrounded by helping hands, ranging from scenarios such as my own volunteer experiences, my athletic career, and simply surrounding myself with people who hold similar passions and values, including healthy and active lifestyles. Through these experiences, I discovered my passion for helping others, so I directed my attention towards the field of occupational therapy. I quickly learned I will have the opportunity to be a helping hand to others through working with patients on everyday tasks that improve their quality of life.

Royal Neighbors of America has contributed to much of this discovery, as my family has been involved with the organization for more than 10 years. I can remember being a middle schooler volunteering at food drives, tournaments, fundraisers, and much more. It was through these experiences that I was able to grasp the importance of meaningful relationships with others and learn the impact that a single positive interaction can have on someone who is in need. Therefore, I value having positive and interactive relationships with those around me, and I want to be able to share my passion for relationships with those in my specific career field.

During my undergraduate education, I have spent much time involving myself in the community, both in Dubuque and in my hometown, through various volunteer projects. I am a member of the DuHealth Club at Loras College. I help organize campus and community activities to promote healthy and active living to the broader Dubuque community. I also was involved in volunteer work during my internship at Unified Therapy Services, a pediatric outpatient clinic.

When I am home, I value staying involved in the activities I was passionate about during my youth and high school years. I volunteer at basketball clinics and summer league games to help athletes develop and grow as individuals.

The Royal Neighbors of America Scholarship has provided me with endless opportunities including financial support, which allowed me to make time to give back to those around me while earning a degree. With my degree in occupational therapy, I will have the opportunity to apply my passion for helping others – something I’ve loved since I was a young girl volunteering with my Royal Neighbors Chapter.