Chapters Celebrating More than 126 Years!

A map of the United States with markers identifying Royal Neighbors chapter locations.

These Chapters are making a philanthropic ‘state’ment!


CHAPTER 00138, Grand Fork, ND

President: Maurine Hughes
Secretary-Treasurer: Connie Fladeland
Event Planner: Fern Bunde
Charter Date: 4/2/1895

Chapter activities:
● Create May Day baskets for an assisted living facility
● Provide gifts for homebound residents
● Make scarves for neighbors in need

CHAPTER 00179, Watseka, IL
President: Angie Hagan
Secretary-Treasurer: Rita Norder
Event Planner: Sarah McDaniel
Charter Date: 7/25/1895

Chapter activities:
● Make gifts for nursing home residents
● Host hygiene drive for local Veterans Affairs
● Create care packages for a residential treatment facility

CHAPTER 00146, Jerseyville, IL
President: Mary Lou Hess
Secretary-Treasurer: Sandra Bechtold
Event Planner: Bonnie Watkins
Charter Date: 4/12/1895

Chapter activities:
● Make cochlear implant headbands
● Sew gifts for nursing homes
● Make baby quilts for a local hospital

CHAPTER 00100, Rock Falls, IL
President: Carol Siefken
Secretary-Treasurer: Russell Siefken
Event Planner: Pamela Martinez
Charter Date: 12/29/1894

Chapter activities:
● Host online praise services
● Send holiday cards to neighbors
● Host Christmas cookie giveaways

CHAPTER 00002, Omaha, NE
President: Anita Morse
Secretary-Treasurer: Anita Davis
Event Planner: Susan Morello
Charter Date: 4/22/1891

Chapter activities:
● Provide income tax trainings
● Clean at a local church
● Host blood drives