Idaho Chapter Provides Comfort Through Crochet

Handmade hats

Royal Neighbors members have exemplified resilience in times of uncertainty for 125 years. Chapter 2317 of Idaho, founded nearly 120 years ago, is no exception. And, even during these uncertain times, they are using their talents to make a positive impact on their community from the safety of their own homes.

Crocheting for a Cause

Armed with giving hearts and crochet needles, Chapter 2317 is helping the non-profit Knots of Love. “It was the perfect nonprofit for us to support at this time due to its location,” Chapter Leader Diana Lingle states.

“We are all working on this project on our own time from home,” Ms. Lingle explains, “and when the hats are completed, I will deliver them to the nonprofit leader.”

Knots of Love connects with volunteers to meet their mission of providing hats and blankets to warm the hearts and heads of children, women, men, and veterans going through chemo.

Ms. Lingle expects that more than 30 hats will be completed for Knots of Love by the end of the month, but the chapter will not meet during this time to ensure the safety of all chapter members.

“It is important to our chapter to follow the current CDC recommendations,” Ms. Lingle explains. “We have some chapter members that are more than 70 years old who are very active. All of us are healthy, but we don’t want to risk it.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Nearly one year ago, Chapter 2317 decided to reevaluate their approach to generating volunteer hours.

“Our chapter decided to take on more crocheting projects when we realized that our chapter hours were significantly lower in the winter,” Ms. Lingle states. Royal Neighbors chapters receive funding based on the number of volunteer hours generated each quarter. Chapters can earn up to $3,200 each year to support their community and projects.

“Although we are working from home and on our own time, we are able to work towards a common goal and make a difference in our community,” Ms. Lingle shares.

Crocheting was a common talent among chapter members. “We have created a list of charities to support including Knots of Love, Knit Your Bit, Crochet for Cancer, Million Dollar Pillowcase and many more.”

Looking Forward

Chapter 2317 is looking forward to growing their team to make an even larger impact in the future. “We have a few members that would like to learn how to crochet,” Ms. Lingle states. “We hope to host a crocheting class once it is safe.”

Chapter 2317’s resourcefulness and creativity in difficult times illustrates the resiliency of Royal Neighbors’ members. Historically, they have quickly adjusted and responded to unexpected disasters. Today, many of our chapters across the country are finding unique ways to work together to provide comfort and support to their communities during the pandemic.