Cornerstone Community Wellness

A 2023 Nation of Neighbors℠ Recipient

Nation of Neighbors recipient, Elizabeth Pratt, Cornerstone Community Wellness, Inc.

Elizabeth Pratt, Executive Director of Cornerstone Community Wellness, Inc., is the recipient of a 2023 Nation of Neighbors℠ empowerment award and a $10,000 grant.

As a former nurse, Elizabeth and her husband, Tim, recognized a great need for access to preventative resources to keep people physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy in the quaint community of Sheffield, Illinois. “Because improving quality of life is our concern, we wanted to address all aspects of wellness,” shared Elizabeth.

Cornerstone Community Wellness offers services that complement traditional medicine, including a 24/7 fitness center, counseling, Bible studies, group fitness classes, and childcare while parents are on-site.

The newest addition to Cornerstone is Royal Super Mart. “We purchased the business to give our community access to food, provide a place to socialize, and to pour into the economy of our village, which is known to impact health,” shared Elizabeth.

The Nation of Neighbors grant will help purchase the equipment necessary to run the commercial kitchen at Royal Super Mart. “Through this kitchen, we will provide fresh meal options to individuals and families and provide employment opportunities as the business grows,” said Elizabeth. “The kitchen will help us meet our goal of making a nutritious choice – an easy choice.”

Royal Super Mart will customize meal options that serve immediate needs in the community. “Having a kitchen on-site allows us to adjust quickly based on community feedback,” said Elizabeth. “We glean a lot more than just nutrition needs through this process of asking and serving.”

“I am thankful for generous community members, Royal Neighbors of America, and our local Royal Neighbors Chapter 1491 for helping us serve and enrich our community.”