Delivering on the Mission

Cynthia Tidwell

It is always an honor to share good news about Royal Neighbors. And in this issue, you’ll find a lot of it! This year’s Annual Report highlights our successful efforts to ensure responsible business growth and maintain a solid financial position. It also speaks to the impact this strength allows us to have in the lives of our members and their communities. We’ve included some heart-warming examples of what this looks like in the local neighborhoods of our members.

I like to say, “our successful business funds the mission.” And when you look at the numbers – over $1 billion in assets and a surplus of $190 million – we are well-positioned not just to meet obligations to our membership but to continue to support efforts to drive positive changes at a grassroots level where you work and play. Our revenues are at an all-time high with profits of $2.4 million.

I’m grateful that, when you seek financial protection for your family, you choose to align with the Royal Neighbors family. Together we are changing the lives of women and girls across the country. And we are increasing this impact year over year.

We measure the success of member engagement as Social Good. This includes the value of our philanthropy programs; member savings on health, wellness, retail, and legal services; and volunteering by our members. Our combined efforts last year resulted in a record-breaking impact of more than $17 million.

Through our signature women’s empowerment program, Nation of Neighbors℠, we awarded $100,000 in grants to fund initiatives that enable women and girls to do extraordinary things. Our cover story highlights how Regina Haddock was able to start and exponentially grow the Quad Cities branch of Dress for Success®. And it all started with a Nation of Neighbors grant.

We also awarded nearly $175,000 in scholarships to advance the education of our members. In “Facing Forward,” Jonathan Ball shares how his scholarship allowed him to succeed academically and to contribute to the betterment of his campus and town.

But perhaps the most impressive news from our 2018 Annual Report is the number of volunteer hours contributed by our members: more than 258,000. This is extraordinary! Efforts like those by the Wisconsin chapters featured in “Gathering to Give,” as well as the hundreds of other projects our members lead in their communities every day, create a positive ripple effect across the nation.

I’m fortunate for the opportunity to lead a strong and thriving Society and an organization that continues to realize the mission set out by its founders more than 124 years ago – empowering women and serving communities. I appreciate all your efforts that help drive this success and look forward to seeing what we accomplish together as we continue to build stronger financial protection and improve communities.

My best,