Royal Neighbor Employee and Member Kinzie Hull

Royal Neighbors Employee and Member Kinzie Hull

Kinzie Hull has been a part of the Royal Neighbors family for many years. Her mom, Christina, has worked for Royal Neighbors since she was young. “Some of my favorite memories are volunteering with the Home Office Chapter and joining my mom for ‘bring your child to work day’ where I spent most of the day playing on a typewriter,” recalled Kinzie.

In the following years, Kinzie joined her mom on the Royal Neighbors slow-pitch softball team and completed several summer internships with the Distribution Center and the Legal Department.  Shortly after graduating college, Kinzie received a call from her mom about an opening in the Legal Department. “I was so excited for the opportunity to work for an organization that was such a big part of my life growing up; I applied that very same night!”

“Between my personal history with Royal Neighbors, the distinct history of Royal Neighbors itself, and its alignment with my career goals – it felt like I ended up where I was supposed to be all along.”

For the last five years, Kinzie has served as a Compliance Specialist. “I find joy in compliance work because it’s structured enough to let me lean into my love of reading and continued learning,” shared Kinzie. “It allows me to apply critical thinking with a sprinkle of creativity when determining innovative ideas and solutions for   present-day challenges.”

Kinzie also serves as the Chapter President of the Royal Neighbors Home Office Chapter. The purpose of the chapter is to engage employees in volunteer opportunities, deepen connections, and support local organizations. “Volunteerism is putting your passion into action in a positive and meaningful way,” said Kinzie. “It doesn’t have to involve grand fundraisers. Positively impacting even one person is just as valuable.”

“Being a Royal Neighbor is a unique honor,” said Kinzie. “It means leaving things a little better than we found them by being kind and empowering others to believe they can make a difference too – at any scale that’s accessible to them.”