Royal Neighbors Digital Museum

A celebration hall filled with Royal Neighbors women in 1947.

Royal Neighbors of America has a unique and impactful history – from being one of the first to offer women life insurance to today’s grassroots volunteerism – our rich history has impacted millions of lives over the last 128 years.

Members and the public can explore this rich history in the Royal Neighbors Digital Museum. You can search for information about camps and chapters, organizational leaders, access historic images, and much more. You can also explore and search The Royal Neighbor member magazine from 1900-1925, a publication that continues today. (Current issues can be found on The Royal Neighbor website as well).

A timeline of our history
With the timeline feature, you can easily explore milestones in Royal Neighbors history and compare it to national and world history.

Artifacts in the collection
As one can imagine, adding more than a century’s worth of artifacts was a monumental task. Most artifacts in the museum are from the first 25 years, but you will find artifacts from all decades.

Artifacts will be added to this collection frequently, and we will feature a special exhibit annually. Our inaugural special exhibit features artifacts from camps and chapters as well as their involvement in local parades.

Exploring family history
For many, being a member of Royal Neighbors is a family tradition. You can search for loved ones’ involvement in membership activities and more. There are many photos of camps/chapter activities, volunteer projects, and meetings. Royal Neighbors has also been a beloved employer in its tenure and family members can explore the careers of women (and men) at Royal Neighbors.

Donations to the museum
If you would like to donate items to our collection or submit a request for additional information, please email