Employee Highlight

Shavonda House

Royal Neighbors employee Shavonda House

Last fall, when Royal Neighbors’ Contracting Team found themselves with a bit of a backlog, the group approached Claims Specialist Shavonda House about helping out. It turns out they made the right choice: although she had to learn both department guidelines and individual state regulations, Shavonda hit the ground running and reviewed more than 900 contracts in less than seven months. In her limited free time — she’s a wife and the mother of two girls — Shavonda also chipped in to help the claims team meet their departmental goals for 2018.

Shavonda knows about being adaptable. When she was 13, she moved from her small town in Louisiana to Fairbanks, Alaska. “The weather change was extreme to say the least,” she laughs. “But, up North, they just put on more layers and go about their business. It was a good lesson.”

Congratulations, Shavonda, on being named Royal Neighbors Employee of the Quarter!