A Special Milestone Illuminates our Purpose

Curt Zeck

Dear members –

We kicked off 2022 celebrating many achievements, our strong financial position, our fifth Great Place to Work® Certification, and our record $20.5 million in Social Good. One year later, we find ourselves still celebrating. In August, we reached a special milestone of 250,000 members nationwide!

This milestone gave us an opportunity to reflect on what it feels like to be a Royal Neighbor. The clear theme across the board is a strong connection to our impactful mission to support women and serve communities.

Employees and members shared their unique experiences behind being a Royal Neighbor.

“There is great satisfaction in knowing the joy and happiness our projects bring to recipients as well as the great times we have working and visiting together,” said Bernadine Damann, Chapter 5146 in Grasston, Minnesota.

Royal Neighbors Marketing and Communications Manager Marie Young shared, “It gives me immense pride to share Royal Neighbors virtues and values with my children, and I hope it inspires their future choices.”

Member Joanne Nelson, Chapter 1491 in New Bedford, Illinois, said, “Being a Royal Neighbor means serving our neighbors and communities. Our small but mighty team helps local food pantries, nursing homes, the Veterans home, youth group, and more.”

Royal Neighbors Commission Specialist Holly Clark shared, “As a Royal Neighbors employee, I can be the mom I always wanted to be, but still have a career that gives me definition, recognition, and life balance.”

In this issue, you’ll find impactful stories of youth and their families living out their unique, “Royal Neighbor” purpose in their communities. Nation of Neighbors℠ recipient Pam Frasco (page 10) is committed to supporting families through every step of their NICU journeys. Youth Chapter 516 in Prophetstown, Illinois (page 8) is educating youth on the importance of volunteerism and kindness.

We hope these stories inspire you to illuminate your purpose by bringing more of our neighbor-helping-neighbor philosophy to your community.

From serving communities through our Community Chapters to Difference Maker Fund projects, we stand together, all 250,000 of us, as a nation of communities and a nation of neighbors, driven by the importance of serving others. Soon, we’ll be launching a new volunteer program designed to inspire you to serve your neighbors and impact your community.

You are the reason Royal Neighbors is Insurance with a Difference,℠ and we thank you!

With gratitude,

Curt Zeck
Interim-President & CEO