Royal Neighbor – Member Lorraine Bennett

Royal Neighbors member Lorraine Bennett spreading kindness

Member Lorraine Bennett spreads kindness by purchasing umbrellas from garage and estate sales and handing them out in her community. “It can rain suddenly in Florida,” said Lorraine. “I keep umbrellas in my trunk and pass them out when I see someone walking in the rain.”

She also visits the homeless community to distribute umbrellas and other comfort items. “Sometimes I offer an umbrella, and they tell me I already gave them one. I’m glad they consider them valuable enough to keep them.”

Lorraine’s umbrella project is a wonderful example of our RoyalConnect monthly program. We designed it to connect the community to our mission of empowering women and serving communities through small acts of kindness. When Lorraine reports her project through a simple online form, we make a $10 donation to the selected nonprofit for that month in honor of her kindness.

You can make an impact too! Join Lorraine in spreading warmth and joy throughout our country by sharing your act of kindness at royalconnect.

“Being a Royal Neighbor is both a privilege and a God send,” said Lorraine. “I am humbled and excited to be a part of an organization that supports women like me.”