Nourish your life with Member Programs

Friends holding hands to form a human chain

Living a well-nourished life looks different for everyone, so we provide you with a variety of Member Programs to meet your needs through many seasons.

Nourish your financial wellness
As a member, we know you are committed to giving back to your community. Our Difference Maker Fund provides $200 to help offset the cost of your next volunteer project.

Our Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to Beneficial Members who plan to pursue post-secondary education at an accredited institution.

From natural disasters to illness, when the unexpected occurs, we are here for you. Beneficial Members may qualify for up to $200 through our Member Relief Fund.

Nourish your body
As a member, you have access to affordable preventative health screenings. These go beyond your regular checkup with a simple ultrasound screening to look inside your arteries for plaque buildup, a risk factor for stroke.

Nourish your community
Members who want to give back through volunteerism can connect with a chapter in their area or start their own. More than 200 chapters serve as ambassadors for our mission and cultivate a grassroots movement for sharing the collective goodwill of Royal Neighbors.

RoyalConnect is a monthly program designed to connect the community to our mission of empowering women and serving communities through small acts of kindness. Your friends and family can participate too!

Our signature women’s empowerment program, Nation of Neighbors℠, empowers women by recognizing and supporting their work through a nonprofit, business, or program. You can nominate influential leaders who are doing extraordinary things to impact the lives of women and girls in your community.

The RNA Member Programs app makes it easy to access all member offers in one convenient location. Plus, you can keep your insurance cards organized and access support by chat or phone