The impact of kindness

College students planting flowers for community members.

For more than 129 years, Royal Neighbors members have consistently seized opportunities to extend kindness and contribute to a larger purpose.

From increased happiness to a positive loop of gratitude, the impact of kindness is immeasurable.

Kindness promotes happiness

When we do something kind for someone, it produces a sense of happiness within us and the recipient. Members engaged in our Community Chapters have first-hand experience of the happiness that results from serving others.

“Knowing those we serve have their needs met gives me a sense of peace and joy,” said Chapter Leader Dr. Karla Jackson, “and seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their words of gratitude encourages us to continue serving others.”

Kindness compels us to be present

Small acts of kindness compel us to be present in the moment. Whether it’s holding the door open for someone, offering a smile to a stranger, or lending a listening ear to a friend in need, these acts demand our attention and awareness. In practicing mindfulness through these small gestures, we connect more deeply with ourselves and those around us, fostering a sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

Kindness builds compassion

Kindness provides fertile ground to cultivate empathy and compassion. Whether assisting someone in need or simply offering a word of encouragement, kindness fosters a deeper understanding of our differences and strengthens our bond with others.

“We grow in our character and faith as we reach out to lovingly serve others,” said Chapter Leader Rev. Mary L. Haley.

Kindness fosters gratitude

“Our family has been blessed with so much, including each other. Being in service to others reminds us of the abundance in our lives. It’s where all gratitude begins,” said Chapter Leader Cathy Decker.

Expressing gratitude through acts of kindness not only uplifts others but also cultivates a sense of fulfillment within ourselves. By acknowledging our blessings and sharing them with others, we create a positive loop of gratitude that enriches both the giver and receiver.

Kindness has a BIG impact

Through our monthly program, RoyalConnect, we connect the community to our mission of empowering women and serving communities through small acts of kindness. For every person who shares their participation with us, we donate $10 (up to $4,000) to the selected nonprofit. The results create a ripple effect of kindness!

Together, we can ensure the kindness ripple keeps growing, touching lives, and empowering communities—one act of kindness at a time.