5 tips for working from home

Young woman working on her laptop.

If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, whether due to the pandemic or because you’ve managed to find a remote-based job, you may have found that you need to change your habits and routines to make working from  home a success.

At Royal Neighbors, we’ve embraced remote and hybrid work for more than two years. We’ve seen our AM Best Financial Strength Rating upgraded to “A Excellent” (3rd highest out of 13), and the rating affirmed on November 30, 2021. We’ve also achieved record Social Good impact numbers and growth in sales, assets, and net income. While we were at it, our employees named us a Great Place to Work® for the fifth time!

We asked our Royal Neighbors employees how they’re doing it, and they’ve provided some helpful tips for anyone working from home.

Commit to a morning routine

IT Business Partner Annette Braet believes a morning routine helps put the best foot forward. “Every morning, I get ready for work and make myself presentable,” Annette says. “A routine helps me feel prepared and organized.”

Set boundaries

Royal Neighbors employees like to create a separate workspace to help them stay focused and create a boundary between work and home.

Agent Services Manager Jennifer LeVora-Cummins says, “it’s important to set boundaries just like you would if you left the office. When I come up from the basement for the night, shutting the door signals, I’m done for the evening.”

Schedule breaks, move, and leave your house

Executive Assistant Rachel Stahle suggests moving your body and eliminating the guilt! “Take a walk around the block during break time. If it’s cold outside, put on a workout video or do the laundry you need to get done, and don’t feel guilty!” Rachel also suggests a stand-up desk to  keep you from sitting all day long.

Sales Support Manager Jennifer Blaser says leaving the houseis important to break up your day.  “Whether it’s to grab lunch or just run a quick errand, it makes a huge difference!”

Stay connected

“Communication is crucial,” says Customer Support Manager Rashell Stroud. “Daily group messages or texts are great for sharing personal experiences, laughs, and struggles. It’s so important to stay connected, build positive relationships, and support one another whenever you can!”

Don’t forget to have fun! Member Engagement Specialist Amy Finn suggests, “coffee breaks with colleagues or a quick, 15-minute virtual meeting that is less focused on discussing ‘work’ and more around getting to know each other or catching up.”

Don’t forget about learning and development!

Learning and development are still important in building your career and confidence. Digital Media Specialist Carrie Mail says one must be intentional about making this a priority. “There are often more seminars and conferences available virtually. Take advantage of being able to attend something new!”